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This year, TUK has been busy entering new partnerships and projects with different organisations.  TUK continues to provide approximately 90 hours of therapies per month and, to date, has funded over 3,416 hours.

TUK collaborates with the following organisations in our beneficiary work:


The MindBody Group
Newham Bereavement Drop-In
St. Mungo’s
City and Hackney Mind
Kids Company
Enliven Holistics
Wellspring Complementary Health Centre
Worcester Aids Foundation
Victoria Bampfield-Hammond
The Pearl Centre

The MindMindBody Therapy GroupBody Group

TransmissionUK is in partnership with The MindBody Group, an organisation supporting complementary therapy through:

- The MindBody Therapy Centre – based in Forest Hill

- The MindBody Team of Therapists – a group of therapists and well being professionals

- MindBody Beauty and One Energy Workshops within Energie Fitness Club

The MindBody Group is at the heart of TransmissionUK’s complementary therapy work.  All therapists are fully qualified in their discipline, fully insured and where applicable are members of their complementary therapy association.  The therapists offer a premium service and are delighted when clients leave the MindBody Therapy Centre (or leave a company, club or school) feeling like they not only got value for money but also a treatment worth speaking about and sharing with others.

In partnership with TransmissionUK, The MindBody Group have been able to start the MindBody Low Cost Clinic at the Centre. However, this partnership also extends to other areas of London to maximise the health and well being of local communities. We provide therapeutic treatments for those who are suffering in the community but cannot afford treatment. It is the intention of The MindBody Group and TransmissionUK to use their skills to reach the lives of people with disabilities, life-threatening conditions and long-term conditions, as well as helping the everyday of people in distressing but less threatening circumstances. This partnership is a great step forward in the fulfilment of this intention and both parties look forward to continuing a long and successful relationship.


Newham Bereavement Drop-In

Newham Bereavement Drop-In Centre provides information, advice and support to all those affected by a family bereavement who are living in the London borough of Newham. It is a much needed base for people to gather and seek comfort and solace with those who have had similar experiences and understand the grief process. It provides regular advice and counselling sessions, as well as complementary therapies which offer relaxation and rejuvenation in a safe and confidential environment.

For more information, you can visit their website here.

TUK provides one counsellor per week, and one complementary therapist fortnightly, to the Newham Bereavement Drop-In Centre.  Our counsellor currently works with two clients per week while our complementary therapist provides four hours of therapy every two weeks.  Our current therapist is a massage therapist with additional counselling training.  This enables her to work with any psychological and emotional issues that may arise during a treatment, as is often the case when dealing with loss. The Drop-In Centre work with a holistic model for the bereaved, similar to TUK, where they offer both counselling and massage to every one of their beneficiaries. As Nevres Niyazi, a TUK supported therapist, qualified in reflexology and Indian Head Massage at the Drop-In Centre, says; “I provide therapies to service users at the Bereavement Drop-In on a monthly basis, which is funded by TransmissionUK.  This is very much appreciated by everyone at the Centre, as it gives people a chance to receive physical and emotional care through relaxation and treatment. I also have listening and counselling skills which are utilised during my time at the Centre. Many of the users would not access this kind of support normally. I really believe it is an essential service for people trying to adjust to life without a loved one and come to terms with their loss.”

 St Mungo’s

TUK is funding AJ England, a complementary therapist qualified in reflexology and Indian Head Massage, to work at St. Mungo’s homeless hostel in Covent Garden.  Through TUK, AJ is able to provide ongoing complementary healthcare to a key group of hostel residents.  In addition to homelessness, the people at St Mungo’s are experiencing a range of health and social problems.  These include anxiety and depression, schizophrenia and drug and alcohol issues. Due to the transient nature of the client group, it may not always be possible to treat the same residents every time, but AJ looks to provide continual reflexology and Indian head Massage treatments whenever possible.

St. Mungo’s support homeless people in their recovery - opening the door to safe housing, drug and alcohol support and physical and mental health care. St Mungo’s provide more help for homeless people in gaining life skills than any other charity – from job training to independent living skills in our ‘semi-independent’ houses.


City and Hackney Mindlogo_cityandhackney

This Local Mind Association provides services for the residents of London Boroughs of City, Hackney and Newham. They provide a holistic range of services to support service users with the mental health challenges they face to enable them to feel more independent and empowered to function more effectively in society. AJ England is providing reflexology for the members of staff at the Association four times a month currently.




Our partnership with Hestia, a charity helping vulnerable across London since the 1970’s, where our qualified counsellor and reflexologist provides holistic support in one of Hestia’s projects for woman that have suffered domestic violence.



Kids Company

TransmissionUK will be funding Tui Na Massage and other holistic therapies for the children, parents and carers at Kids Company in the coming weeks as one of our new projects. More information about the services Kids Company provide can be found on their website. The therapies will be provided by Katie St. George, acupuncturist and massage therapist:

“Thanks to TUK, each Friday for the last month I have been able to treat the kids, teenagers, mothers and staff at Kidscompany. The last months work has involved a surprising amount of treatment for teenagers. Many of these teenagers are struggling with constantly feeling angry and being unable to control this. One teenager is suffering from nightmares, another from insomnia and anxiety. Due to these pressure some of the teens have been resorting to addictive behaviour and self-harm. During the sessions they are treated with acupuncture, moxibustion and tui na massage. Already during the month I have seen great improvements in their health and general behaviour. One of the most important factors is that they are able to come regularly and build up a trusting relationship, as well as a positive attitude towards their health and their bodies. So far the teenagers have come back week after week for treatment. Each session implements the idea of self-care and is an empowering way for these young adults to start playing an active role in their health. The sessions offer them a chance to connect with themselves on a deep level in a safe environment. I have also been treating some mothers at the centre. One mother has been suffering from depression, long-standing auto-immune disease as well as the loss of her only child. She has found the acupuncture to be very beneficial to her health and has been improving slowly but surely. As always the kids, ages 5-11, have been coming for regular massage treatments. This is a time for the children to have a quiet, peaceful and nurturing space with focused attention.”


Enliven Holistics

Louise Metcalfe is the founder of Enliven Holistics, providing a mobile complementary therapy service in Birmingham. Louise practices Swedish Body Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage, Reflexology & Ear Candling. Louise is a fully qualified and insured practitioner. She has been working in the alternative health industry for seven years. Before qualifying she worked in independent health stores, going on to work for a supplement manufacturer, where she advised customers on health products and nutrition. She loves everything healthy and blogs and tweets regular about health-related subjects.


wellspring logo (1) copy

Wellspring Complementary Health Centre

Wellspring Complementary Health Centre is a group of independent, qualified practitioners offering a range of complementary therapies in the Sheffield area. They promote high quality, holistic complementary healthcare and are experienced in their individual practice.



Worcester Aids Foundation

The Worcester AIDS Foundation provide a range of practical and emotional support for anyone infected, affected or simply worried about HIV. Part of this support is providing access to complementary therapies and TransmissionUK are currently funding a massage therapist to provide treatments. Massage can help people with HIV/ AIDS relieve chronic muscle tension and ease the emotional and mental stress that accompany the illness.

The Worcester AIDS Foundation support people living in Worcestershire and Herefordshire. Here’s a piece from Ian, therapist at WAF:

“The clients I have treated at the Worcester Foundation have reported feeling more relaxed and less “stressed” than usual and in many cases this has lasted several days following the aromatherapy treatment. Several have said that they have felt generally “healthier and fitter” and found it easier to take their medication on a regular basis because the treatment has reduced side effects therefore they feel more confident about taking the medication. One client felt that he picked up fewer viral infections or, when he did have a virus he felt less unwell with it and recovered faster.  Some of the clients also have cancer which is HIV related and have found the treatment to be particularly helpful in terms of pain management.

There is of course sound evidence based on clinical research and many trials which show how effective the use of essential oils can be in the treatment of the symptoms, side-effects and opportunistic infections which accompany HIV and this has been born out by the verbal feedback I have had from clients of the Worcester Foundation.

I greatly appreciate the opportunity Transmission UK has provided, allowing me to work with clients from the Worcester Foundation and observe the positive effects which the treatment has upon them. It has allowed me the experience to learn first hand the type of treatments which are particularly beneficial when treating clients with HIV. I think TUK are doing a great job by funding this programme.”


adrian resized 4Victoria Bampfield-Hammond

Vicki, who has been running art workshops in the South West of England for people with autism, has worked in the past at Stonham and is now starting work at The Pearl Centre in Truro, Cornwall.

Stonham, part of Home Group, is England’s largest provider of housing with support for vulnerable and socially excluded people. In addition, we also provide support to people in their own homes aimed at helping them maintain their tenancies, claim benefits, develop budgeting skills and contact the council or other local agencies and organisations in their area. In total and across the country, we work with over 20,000 clients each year.

Stonham has worked in Cornwall for over 25 years. We have 20 services which provide housing with support for a large number of client groups including young people ‘foyers’, young parent services, people living with or recovering from mental ill-health, men and women who have been in the criminal justice system and people with substance misuse problems.

The group Vicki has been working with are young people facing the problem of homelessness. They have been encouraged to decorate a whole room with Post-It Notes, creating a whole art experience which they have then asked the public to come to and comment on their work. It has been an amazing experience for the people involved, who have relished the opportunity to be part of this fun and communal activity.


The Pearl Centre

Victoria is working with beneficiaries through The Pearl Centre, an autism resource and information in Truro, Cornwall, registered under the Safe Places scheme. The users of this centre can benefit from the art therapy Victoria can provide and were unable to access any funding for it which is where TransmissionUK stepped in.




HealingUK is a charity established in 2010 which is supported by TransmissionUK to assist in it’s mission to provide counselling, psychotherapy and complementary healthcare to people with life-limiting and life-threatening conditions.



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